Day 2: successes and challenges

I went for a long walk today —  7 miles. The last mile was tough but with no way to get home except your feet you have to push on. A thousand times better than a treadmill, IMHO.

Yesterday was my first gym session with my rad BF who has agreed to be my sort of trainer. It was frustrating but I am proud I went. I am not strong or stable enough to do a decent squat with weight so I will focus on body weight squats until I am stronger and my form is better. I also learned 2 types of leg lifts. BF is advocating that I do lower body/upper body splits rather than total body workout for now so apparently I will be a regular at the gym in the evenings. Tonight was chest/back and it felt more successful.

2-arm dumbbell bench press: 3×10, 25 lbs
1-arm dumbbell bench press: each arm, 3×4, 25 lbs
1-arm dumbbell row: each arm, 2×10 25 lbs, 1×10 30 lbs
long bar row: 3×10 25 lbs
modified push-ups: 1×5 (arms pretty weak by this point)

I decided I need a fitness goal besides “get fit” and I started a list:
Do a good squat, good form, with weight
Do a pull up
Do a standard push up
Finish C25K
Actually jog 5K/3 miles, which will take longer than 30 minutes
And of course, walk to Mordor

Food today:
Lofat Greek yogurt with blueberries, raspberries, and almonds
Steamed shrimp over lettuce dressed with Greek yogurt dressing
1 large frosted sugar cookie (it was a gift from the apartment complex. I will have to work on turning down sweets.)
1 lofat string cheese and 3/4 cups grapes
Chicken/mushroom/snow peas stir fry


Comment here. Fair warning: fat shaming and pro-ana "thinspiration" will get you banned.

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