Day 5: friday nights and a beige meal

My typical Friday night is cooking something interesting and elaborate for dinner for me and the BF then settling down to read a book or watch some netflixen. I love to cook and I love elaborate recipes with a lot of ingredients and complicated steps. It is a challenge to find something sufficiently elaborate and tasty that is low carb but still interesting.

Tonight I opted for curry. 2 curries, actually: aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower) and chicken korma along with a small pot of brown basmati rice. The aloo gobi was excellent and I made it less carb-y by halving the potato and increasing the cauliflower. The chicken korma was also good — I love the coconut and cashews that make this a little nutty and sweet. It was probably the beige-est meal I have ever eaten. And it was pretty carb-heavy with both potato and rice. But the success  is that I was able to moderate well! 1/4 potato, 1 serving rice, 1 piece chicken, lots of cauliflower — a reasonable amount of food for a single meal. This weekend will just have to be colorful-veg-heavy and carb-light. It’s all about finding a balance, right?

Fitness today:
Miles toward Mordor: 3.01 miles (C25k 1.91, walked 1.01)
No strength training today; day 1 of a 3-day rest period

Food today
Breakfast: Greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, almonds
Lunch: pork shoulder/black eyes pea chili with dollop Greek yogurt, carrot
Snack: grapes
Snack: chili
Dinner: chicken korma, aloo gobi, brown basmati rice


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