Day 11: 2 victories! and a question I need some help with.

You’ll probably notice that this blog has a new look. I never really settled in to the last theme so I picked something that felt easier to read and navigate. I promise to try to leave it alone now. 🙂

QUESTION: Initially, I decided I would weigh myself only every 3 months because I have bad history with the scale. But the only way to ensure my program is having the desired effect is to measure change in all areas for the sake of comparison (measurements, progress pics, weight; ideally, also body fat percentage but I don’t have calipers and can’t afford a body scan right now). So the question is, should I weigh myself once a month when I take measurements and progress pics? Or should I weigh myself every 3 months as originally planned? (I really, really, really want to weigh myself right flippin’ now but it’s important for me to stick to a schedule so I don’t regress to bad scale habits and let myself get derailed.)  I’d appreciate any input.

And now, today’s victories!

I take walks on non-C25k days just to get myself moving a little and it’s great for cardiovascular fitness; not to mention, I’ll never reach Mordor if I don’t get some miles in! Anyway, VICTORY 1: When I went out for my walk this morning, I wanted to run. I didn’t, because C25k requires a rest day between runs, and I am trying very hard to stick to the plan laid-out. But I was walking along listening to a workout playlist and my legs were whispering, you can move faster. I have never, in my entire life, wanted to run. It made me feel strong and tough and it made me walk faster. Run Keeper calculated my average speed at 15:50 per mile, which over 3 miles is pretty respectable for walking. High five, self!

VICTORY 2: Tracking my workouts at the gym has paid off. I am getting stronger and I can quantify it. Today I deadlifted 5 more pounds than Monday — 85 lbs for 4×5 reps. In the world of deadlifting, this is pretty light, but for a beginner who’s been focusing primarily on maintaining good form (head up! shoulders back! lock it out! So glad my BF is there to check my form) it’s a LOT. Certainly more than I’ve ever lifted before, including outside the gym. Double high five, self!

I’ve learned enough about strength training over the last couple weeks that I know I need to revise my routine. Next week I’m switching to a 3-day-a-week, ABA/BAB schedule, and I’m going to focus on barbells rather than dumbbells. I’m also going to alternate C25k and gym days. But I’m going to finish out the week as planned.

Fitness today
Miles to Mordor: 4.2 (walked 3.1 + gym warmup 1.1)
Strength training: Lower body
Deadlift 1x5x50, 1x5x70, 1x5x80, 4x5x85.
Body weight squat 1×5, 1×14, 1×13, 1×9
Planks: 1×45 sec, 1×30 sec, 1×45 sec

Food today
Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 slice whole wheat toast, 1/2 avocado, Greek yogurt, harissa
Snack: grapes
Lunch: chicken, Brussels sprouts, brown rice, sriracha; leftover clean cole slaw
Snack: 1 low fat string cheese, grapes
Snack: 2 low fat string cheese
Dinner: cod sauteed in butter and olive oil, roasted brussels sprouts, leftover clean cole slaw, cheddar cheese, 2 spoonfuls nuts


2 thoughts on “Day 11: 2 victories! and a question I need some help with.

  1. i like the new layout. much easier to read. i think you could make an argument to weigh yourself once a month or once every three months, as long as you have a plan and you stick to it. however, i’d advise sticking with the plan you already have in place, wherein you weigh yourself once every three months, especially after rereading your day 6 post and your frequent “the scale is not my friend” mantra. you’ll get enough of an idea of progress when you take pictures and do measurements, and as you’ve said, you care more about how you feel in your body and in your clothes than a number on a scale.

    i would ask some questions in return: what effect do you think the number would have if a) it was better than you expected? b) was exactly what you expected? or c) was less than you expected?

    it takes a lot of courage to let go of the scale as a measurement tool, and i wonder if you might be trying to convince yourself that weighing yourself might not be as bad for your psyche as it has been in the past. i think the longer you go without weighing yourself, the less the number on the scale will matter. imagine how freeing that could feel!

    • Thanks for the input. This was exactly why I decided every 3 months, in the first place. I am going to stick to every 3 months.

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