Day 14: declaring victory on week 2!

The great news: I have been successful with food and fitness for 2 full weeks. That’s halfway to a month — halfway to measurements, halfway to progress pics, and halfway to habit.

Fitness summary to date (progress chart at the link):
Miles to Mordor: 54.23. That’s 11.84% to Rivendell! And 3% of the way to Mordor.
C25k: Week 2 completed. Longest distance: 2.26 miles.
Strength training (only work set PRs listed):
Bodyweight squat max: 1×9, 1×14, 1×13, 1×9
Deadlift PR: 4x5x85
Planks: 1×45 seconds
Dumbbell bench press PR: 4x5x30
Bent-over 1-arm dumbbell row PR: 4x5x40
Pushups (modified): 1×10, 1×5, 1×6
Long-bar row PR: 4x5x55

The not-so-great news: my foot is still in pain. It’s easier to walk on without my hiking boot, but there’s definitely something wrong with it. The question is what: tendonitis? stress fracture? pinched nerve? Anyone with experience in foot injuries, feel free to weigh in. I am scared of going to a podiatrist — not because I fear doctors, but because with my current short-term, catastrophic-only health insurance (hello, I’m unemployed in America), the cost of a doctor’s visit and potential lab work is going to be way more than I can afford. And I have to go anyway.

Fitness today
None, not even a walk. Today, I rested. It was marvelous.

Food today
Snack: 1 low-fat string cheese
Breakfast: “Full breakfast casserole” (2 eggs, dollop Greek yogurt, 1 UK-type sausage, 1 1/2 slices bacon, 1/2 tomato, 3 mushrooms sauteed, 1 wh wh English muffin), 1/3 cup Heinz baked beans. 1 cup coffee.
Snack: a handful of popcorn (no butter) at the movies
Lunch/dinner: 1 1/2 leftover stuffed peppers (this works out to 4-5 proteins and probably 3 fats, plus LOTS of veggies)
Snack: homemade applesauce (sugarfree!), 2 Tbsp nut/seed “granola”

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