Day 15: I stumbled. Trying to be zen about it.

Today was the first morning gym session with BF – I wanted to switch to morning sessions when the gym is emptier. My plan: push-presses and squats. But the gym doesn’t have a normal squat rack that facilitates push-press or overhead press (uh, this gym sucks…), so BF advocated clean & press instead. I had serious trouble with my form on the clean part of the clean & press – partly because it’s a hard move to get right for beginners, and partly because of my foot. Eventually, BF had to go to work so we had to wrap up; we never even got to squats.

The pain in my left foot is worse than yesterday and I am pretty sure it was exacerbated by the workout this morning. The first thing I did when I got home after the gym was book an appointment with a podiatrist for Thursday morning. And to prevent further injury, I am going to rest my foot until then, when I can figure out what is up with my foot. That means, no C25k, no strength training on my feet (which is basically everything I do at the gym), and limited walking.

This is really disheartening. The big motivator for my good food choices has been the exercise, especially the strength training. I worry that by stopping the exercise component of this process, I won’t be able to stick to the nutrition component (there goes a dollar into the mental you can’t do this bank). In my frustration and worry, today I ate. A lot of empty carbs (white bread! white rice!), and too much overall. I feel uncomfortable and over-sodium-ed. (More dollars.)

I’m choosing not to beat myself up about this. No one is perfect. And one big eat day (which honestly is not that bad considering some of the eat days I’ve had in the past) is not going to undo my success so far, as long as I can get back on the horse tomorrow.

Something I will try to remember: diet, not exercise, is what drives weight loss; no matter how hard you work, you can’t outrun a bad diet. So if I can keep eating clean, weight loss — if not fitness — will continue. And from a fitness perspective, right now resting my foot is the best thing for my body, so I’m really working on my fitness in a weird sitting-on-the-sofa kind of way… right?

Not happy.

Fitness today
Walked a little
Strength training (clean and press)

Food today
Greek yogurt with nut/seed “granola”
Greek yogurt with strawberries
Lunch: Greek yogurt with real granola and walnuts
Snack: 2 low fat string cheese, 1 Kind bar
Snack: 1 low fat string cheese
And then I fell apart: more string cheese (3? 5?), garlic bread (made from 1 sandwich roll, olive oil, and… more string cheese), applesauce, take-out curry for dinner (1/2 sag paneer, 1/3 lamb rogan josh, 1/3 lamb korma, rice, 1/6 garlic naan), 1 glass red wine.

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