Day 23: back to the program!

About 10 days ago on a hike I developed pain in my left foot, bad enough that I ended up seeing a podiatrist. Last week I took a break from strength training, c25k, and long walks to give my foot a chance to recover.

Today was my first day back to c25k. I wasn’t sure what to expect after a week off: would I need to go back to week 2? Would my foot hold up at all?

I am super excited to report that I did just fine on week 3 day 1 even after having a week off! Ready for week 3 day 2 on Thursday. 🙂

For anyone who is unfamiliar, c25k (couch to 5k) is a running program that introduces running to non-runners via jogging-walking intervals. In the first week jogging intervals are very short (30 seconds, I think), while walking intervals are longer (90 seconds, I think). Every week, the ratio of jogging to walking increases, so that by the end of the 9th week, you’ve built up to running a full 30 minutes.

There are dozens of podcasts and apps out there that track your progress as well as tell you when you should start or stop jogging–it’s hard to keep track by yourself unless you’re on a treadmill or check your watch obsessively. I have used a few different ones: the pop playlists by Carli, the techno-ish playlists by DJ Beatsmith, and the eclectic playlists from the UK’s National Health Service.

They all have their strong points: my personal preference is for Carli’s music mixes plus she offers a few playlists for a Bridge to 10k running program. DJ Beatsmith’s music choices are carefully chosen because of target beats per minute, and he also offers a lot of other intervals programs designed to improve pace for people who already run. The music chosen by the NHS is pretty hit or miss but the voice of the podcasts gives tips for better running form, which is really useful for new runners.

If you’re interested in running but you’re worried it will be way too hard, check out C25k. It’s designed for people like me who are out of shape and need to ease into running.

Fitness today
miles to Mordor:
C25k, w3d1

food today
Before run: Greek yogurt, nut/seed granola.
After run: Greek yogurt, pomegranate seeds
Snack: pear, leftover cod with clean ranch
Lunch: shrimp salad (shrimp, celery, Greek yogurt, mayo, lemon juice), wh grain crackers
Snack: 1 cup cottage cheese
Dinner: 2 cups cottage cheese, strawberry and coconut cream “ice cream”. High fat day to be sure… But very, very low on the carbs.

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