Day 24: Preparing myself for Saturday…

I realized yesterday that Measure My Progress Day is coming so fast– only 3 days away! These last few weeks have really flown by. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I am sort of looking forward to it. I’m nervous too–but I’m proud that I’ve been able to maintain an exercise program and keep up (for the most part) with clean eating.

Today I had my 2nd personal training session with Andrew. Holy mother of Elvis, I worked HARD today.

Andrew requested that if I’m going to stick with 3 days lifting/HIIT, to please bump cardio days down to 2 days a week, to facilitate muscle growth. That will drag out c25k a bit but that’s ok, it’s all a process. My priority is to do the best I can to be as healthy and fit as I can.

Other things I’ve realized: 1. whipped and frozen strawberries and coconut cream is a poor substitute for ice cream. I’d rather have real ice cream, with all its sugar, once in awhile. 2. Cottage cheese is a trigger food. I need to not keep it around the house. Still, I feel incredibly fortunate that my list of trigger foods is pretty small. It means I can keep foods in the house that allow me to cook diverse meals and not get bored. 3. Body weight squats with better form than I had before are a much better workout — if you squeeze your glutes properly, your bum basically lifts your body right back up, and you can feel your muscles working hard. It felt AWESOME. Pretty sure that tomorrow it will just feel sore. It’s good. It means my body is learning.

Fitness today
Miles to Mordor: 0.3 (ps from now on I’m keeping track of HIIT cycling miles–it’s still miles, and still getting me closer to destroying the one ring!)
Strength training: Pull day. Romanian dumbbell deadlift + bent over rows super sets; body weight squats + cable lat pull down super sets; HIIT intervals on stationary bike.

Food today
Post workout: 2 low fat string cheese
Bruncht: 2 eggs, 1/2 onion, 1/3 bell pepper prepped in 1/2 tsp bacon fat; 1 oz cheddar, 1 slice multigrain toast, sriracha
Snack: pear, Kind bar
Snack: Greek yogurt, blackberries, honey
Snack: 5 olives
Dinner: Stuffed pumpkin (ground beef, mushrooms, oatmeal, ketchup), sauteed kale


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