Day 27: Measurement Day, with progress pics. (Spoiler: it’s good news)

Measuremement day. It’s here. Deep breath.

Neck: 15 1/2″
Bust (leaning): 53″
Bust (standing): 40″
Underbust: 42.5″
Waist: 50″
Hip: 49″
L bicep: 16″
R bicep: 16″
L thigh: 26″
R thigh: 26″

To take away: My neck and hip are smaller. My waist is 1/2″ bigger (?). My L thigh is 3″ smaller which can’t be right — I must not have measured the same place. So this all needs to be standardized. From now on: biceps are measured midway between elbow and armpit, thighs are measured midway between knee and crotch, waist is measured at belly button, hip is measured at widest point around bum/hip.

Weight: 249 (-14 lbs)
Percent body fat: 41.5″

10/19/2013: 249 lbs, 41.5% body fat

10/19/2013: 249 lbs, 41.5% body fat. The sports bra is by Panache and it’s underwired. Big-busted ladies, get on this. Before this sports bra, I strapped the ladies down with 2 compressive sports bras. Now, I’m not strapped down, but my boobs still don’t bounce painfully with high intensity exercise.

10/19/2013: 249 lbs, 41.5% body fat

10/19/2013: 249 lbs, 41.5% body fat

I was only going to weigh myself every 3 months but the body fat monitor needs you to enter a weight to function properly, so I ended up weighing myself. I am really surprised at how much weight I’ve lost (even with some meals that didn’t follow my meal plan!) — 14 pounds is a lot for a month and I wasn’t aiming to lose that much weight. But I’ll take it. I’m glad I took my weight because of the weird measurement numbers. The only numbers I trust are my neck and hip. (I’ve intentionally changed the way I measure bust, and I’m pretty sure I measured my thigh differently.) (They are both a little smaller, 1/2″ and 1″.)

I don’t see any difference in the pictures yet. At my size I think it will probably take about 30 pounds before it’s visible. But I’ll keep taking pictures and measuring! SLOW IS OKAY. This is my life and I want the changes to stick and I want my life to be healthy.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Off to San Francisco with the BF. Talk to you Monday!


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