The great San Francisco eat weekend of 2013

BF and I went to San Francisco this weekend. It started out pretty shaky… but ended up awesome. I am terrified of the high cost of living but it’s really walkable with loads of coffee shops and parks. If BF’s next job is there I’d be okay with that!

Driving north into Marin County over Golden Gate Bridge

Driving north into Marin County over Golden Gate Bridge

1. We didn’t leave Sac till 11am because BF decided that Saturday morning the day we’re going to SF would be the perfect time for a hair cut and beard trim… just like the rest of the men of suburban Sac. I have never spent that long in a hairdresser’s or barber shop, and this includes the times I’ve had full highlights done. All for a fade.

2. It normally takes 2 hours to drive from Sac to SF. It took 4 hours on Saturday. We never were able to figure out what the deal was.

3. We arrived at our hotel only to discover the reservation was for Friday night, not Saturday. After a long call with the booking agency, it was determined that it was our mistake. At that point all we could do was book again. Paying for 2 nights in SF is not cheap… especially when you’re only there 1 night. In the meantime, we took a quick walk and had a late lunch at John’s Grill (which is where Dashiell Hammett based The Maltese Falcon).

4. By the time we actually got to our room, it was 5pm. Plans for a Saturday walking tour were obviously out the window.

5. Went to dinner at Fish & Farm — all local, sustainable food. Nice bistro-type restaurant, not super fancy but nice enough to feel like a special evening out. I loved everything I had but especially dessert, the Holy Cow ice cream soda, with honey jack, port, ginger beer, and vanilla gelato. So yum. I would happily go back and just have that for dinner. And then a root beer float (sasparilla, club soda, vanilla gelato, southern comfort float) for dessert.

6. Bed was comfy but I don’t sleep very well in hotels. I had weird dreams about Robert Downey Jr having a failing magic act.

7. Sunday was amazing. Walked everywhere — a little over 6 miles, I think, including SF’s monster hills. Breakfast at Mama’s, Coit Tower, City Lights Bookstore, the Castro, Haight Ashbury, Golden Gate Park, streetcar back to hotel to pick up car. I can’t imagine doing SF any better on such a short timeframe. There’s a few more pictures at the end of this post.

8. Drove up into Sonoma County to visit Bear Republic Brewery for dinner and beer tasting (we’re fans of Racer 5 IPA), then drove back to Sac.

Thoughts regarding my meal plan and fitness program:
Got a lot of walking in. High five, self!

I had more bread, more sugar, and more alcohol over 2 days than I’ve had in the entire last month. It was glorious and I savored every single empty calorie. (80/20 living for the win!) Even so, I am really glad it happened after Measurement Day. I am also glad I don’t have to take measurements today, or even next weekend, because I know my weight is up after this weekend.  Only measuring once per month hides the (totally normal) fluctuations that stress me out when I measure more often. By the time the next Measurement Day rolls around, my amazing SF eat weekend won’t matter at all.

It’s really too bad I didn’t figure out this infrequent measurement thing before — who knows whether previous efforts to lose weight would have been more successful. But, just like the vast majority of American women, I bought in to the common “wisdom” that women should weigh ourselves frequently, especially while trying to lose weight; that shrinking numbers are always good; that growing numbers are always bad. Anyway, all I can do now is move forward; it doesn’t do me any good to dwell on past choices. 

Finally, I was really aware of the effects of a month of good food choices when eating out: I was pretty tipsy after only a drink and a half, plus it is now a lot harder to eat a huge meal in a single sitting. I was stuffed after all 3 meals out, and none of the meals were particularly enormous when compared to the size of the typical Giant American Restaurant Portion. I ended up only eating 2 meals on Sunday (not what I like to do on a normal day) because I was so full for so long after breakfast. Then, I had a burger and fries for dinner and I couldn’t finish the fries – so I left half of them there. I should have left more, or part of the burger (I would have been more comfortable), but nevertheless I am proud of myself for stopping with food still in front of me.

Fitness Saturday
walked a little, maybe 1.5 miles

Fitness Sunday
walked about 6 miles

Food Saturday
breakfast: (3) Greek yogurt with (1) strawberries and (2) nuts, 1 cup coffee
snack: 1 kind bar
snack: 1 kind bar
late lunch: salad (greens, shrimp, blue cheese, blue cheese creamy vinaigrette), 1 piece baguette with butter (1/2 tsp?), 2/3 small baked potato (1 tsp butter, 1 Tbsp sour cream), 1 IPA (12 oz)
dinner (FISH & FARM!!!): 2 glasses red wine, 2 slices fried potato stuffed with goat cheese with arugula and bacon with light vinaigrette, 1 slice baguette with butter, pork chop with cabbage and bacon and bone marrow sauce, 2/3 boozy ice cream soda

Food Sunday
Breakfast: 3 slices bacon, 3 slices French toast with butter and maple syrup, sliced banana, strawberries, blueberries, 1 slice baguette toast with butter, 2 cups coffee with milk
Snack: 1/2 kind bar
Dinner: burger (beef, bun, jack cheese, 1 jalapeno popper, 2 onion rings), garlic fries, 1 1/2 pints beer

laundry out to dry in Chinatown

laundry out to dry in Chinatown

Coit Tower. Next up, we're going to walk up there. The streets are so steep that cars have to park at 90˚ instead of parallel parking.

Coit Tower. We’ll walk up there. The streets are so steep that cars have to park at 90˚ instead of parallel parking.

And so steep that some streets have steps built into the sidewalks.

And so steep that some streets have steps built into the sidewalks.

The interior of Coit Tower is filled with murals.

The interior of Coit Tower is filled with murals.


A selection of Coit Tower's amazing murals

A selection of Coit Tower’s amazing murals

mural 1

Someone in the Castro gets ready for Halloween

Someone in the Castro gets ready for Halloween



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