Day 30: one month down

30 days. I am super proud of myself for honoring my commitment to a better life! High five, self.

Not much else today. Till tomorrow,

Fitness today
C25k week 3 day 3
Walked ~1 mile

Food today
snack: 1 slice GF/sugar-free/dairy-free butternut squash cake
breakfast: 1 cup Greek yogurt, 2 Tbsp nut/seed granola, 1 apple
lunch: grilled cheese sandwich (2 slices Daves killer bread, 2 tsp bacon fat, 4 oz cheddar)
snack: 1 slice GF/SF/DF butternut squash cake
dinner: roasted pork loin (5oz), salad (lettuce, bell pepper, onion, vinaigrette), 1 bottle pale ale

Comment here. Fair warning: fat shaming and pro-ana "thinspiration" will get you banned.

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