Day 33: another off day… with a rainbow on the horizon.

My motivation for everything, not just good food and exercise, is completely kaput right now. Is it just my period? I don’t think I’ve ever felt this blah before just because of my period. No exercise today. Napped 3 hours again. Didn’t go to the supermarket so had to do some freezer scrounging for food. (Well actually I did go to the supermarket — not to do a real shop though, only to get stuff for dinner and breakfast tomorrow. Couldn’t face a big shop.)

I choose not to be angry with myself for it. It accomplishes nothing.

The small popsicles I’ve been enjoying? They’re these bad boys by Dreyer’s/Edy’s. Pretty much no nutritional value but they are beyond delicious and they’re only 40 kcals each. So even after five of them today, that’s only 200 kcals. Not so bad.

Less good: was really craving something unhealthy for dinner. Eventually I decided I should just get it out of my system so went to the supermarket for what I needed for mac and cheese and dessert (like 5 Popsicles wasn’t enough).

But something good came of it: as I stood I the bakery looking at desserts, I realized none of it looked good and what’s more I didn’t want it. So I walked out of the bakery to do the rest of the shopping. I even went back to the bakery 30 mins later (to test myself?) and still didn’t want dessert. So I left without it. Even in the midst of a mini food crisis, I was able to listen to my body. High five, self.

Downside: the following morning I feel bloated and over-sodium-ed. There’s a reason pasta is a “sometimes food”…

Fitness today
Rest day

Food today
10am: kind bar, small Popsicle (1/2 carb ch, 40 kcal)
12pm: 2 sausages in sandwich rolls with butter and ketchup
3:30: 2 tbsp nuts/seeds, 2 small popsicles
5:30: 2 small popsicles
8m: .7lbs seafood salad, 4 marinated mushrooms, 4 stuffed grape leaves
10pm: 2 glasses white wine, Mac and cheese (1/4 box pasta, 6 oz cheese, 3 oz crab, plus butter and whole milk)


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