Day 66: keepin on

Gym this morning even though my sister is here. High five, self.

Taking tomorrow off from blogging for the holiday. Happy thanksgiving, everyone! If you’re feasting, no regrets. If you’re staying on-plan, no regrets. Either way, enjoy your food and maybe take a walk. ūüôā
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Day 65: good things

I had TWO phone interviews today, both for jobs that sound just fantastic. Both are moving ahead (an on site interview at one and a second phone interview with the site manager at the other). Neither of them is in a place that my BF would find a job. We lived apart for a year my last year of grad school and it was awful but I need a job and so does he. We made it once, we can make it again.

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Day 64: lose weight with this crazy secret

Do you hate being fat? Are you always trying to lose that last 5 pounds? Are you waiting till you’re thin to go on vacation, or take more photos, or meet new people? Well, folks, get ready for a mind-blowing secret that will get you on track to weight loss.

It’s crazy. Diet companies will do anything to keep you from learning this simple trick (but dietitians and counselors specialized in eating disorders have been shouting it from the rooftops, if you just stop and listen). Are you ready for the secret? Are you ready to take the step that will change your life forever?

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Day 63: goal weights and achieveing the possible

Up to now, I haven’t set a goal weight. Choosing a goal weight can be detrimental to long-term success. It sets a benchmark that may not be achieveable and can inspire feelings of failure (e.g. “I lost 50 pounds but no matter what I do I can’t lose 55, therefore I have failed”). As anyone who’s ever battled with their weight or disordered eating knows, that feeling of failure too easily leads to unhealthy choices such as too many calories, too few calories, too little exercise, too little protein, etc., all of which lead to loss of lean body mass and/or fat gain. That feeling of failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So I have been hesitant to choose a goal weight; instead, my goal is to be strong, healthy, and fit, at a weight where I feel comfortable lifting big and running fast (well, maybe just not-quite-as-slow-as-I-am-now).¬†

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Day 62: measurement day no. 2

Measurement Day No. 2 is here. I’ve been nervous because this month has been so hit and miss. So let’s have a look at the good/bad balance.

Bad: almost all of my measurements are up.
Bad: I gained 1.2 lbs this month.

Good: it’s a miracle it was only 1.2 lbs given how much my eating varied day to day this month.
Good: if the body fat monitor is to be believed, 1/2 a pound of that is MUSCLE!!! Strength training for the win! I think I can gain even more muscle next month if I am more consistent about getting enough protein.
Good: that means only ~.7 lbs of my weight gain was fat. <1 lb of fat gain is no big deal over the long term. And it means that even though I often felt like I ate way too much, my overall caloric intake was actually pretty good – a high carb, high fat, “eat big” month is actually¬†eating at maintenance¬†for my activity level. High five, self.

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Day 61: le sigh

Forgot to post this last night. Worked hard at the gym. Food not so great. The theme for the whole last month, to be honest. My goal for this month: get my eating back on track on a more regular basis. Measurement Day is tomorrow and honestly I’m not sure what to expect.

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Day 60: fitness progress

Today I ran 20 minutes without stopping! (The dreaded C25k week 5 day 3.) It was a lot harder for my brain than for my body.

Fact 1: I ran Very Slowly. Shuffled, sorta.
Fact 2: After the first 10 minutes, I strongly considered walking 5 minutes and then jogging 10 minutes.
Fact 3: I thought about my inner superhero, and all the fitness/weight loss bloggers I read who work so hard, and the fantastic folks at Eat the Food and Girls Gone Strong, and the first time my strong, beautiful sister flexed her kettlebell-hardened biceps and bragged, “Check out this gun show!”, and¬†I kept on running.¬†Thank you to all of the people who inspire me every day.

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