Day 40: keepin on

I had a follow up appointment with the podiatrist today. Still no sign of stress fracture. I have not had pain like I had the one day hiking but I have had minor pain on and off since then. I have been exercising to tolerance. The doctor recommended better orthotic insoles than my super feet so I now have new insoles for my boots. I should buy a new pair of bigger running shoes so the insoles fit the running shoes too. I was looking at the soles of my running shoes today and honestly it’s probably about time.

Business dinner with someone from the BF’s company. I would really like to have a few nights in to cook at home and have more control over my food.

Fitness today

Food today
10am: 2 eggs scrambled with 2 slices bacon, onion, jalapeño, splash cream; 1 slice wheat walnut toast
12.30: 1 apple, 2 string cheese
3pm: Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup nut/seed granola, popsicle
7.30: 1 bread roll, 2 glasses red wine, a little bit of ceviche (white fish, calamari, sweet potato), a little bit of mashed yucca with a bite of pork, 1 quail egg, rice/Lima bean risotto thing, shrimp and calamari with pepper/cream sauce

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