Day 48: small victories

Small victories matter especially when you’re not feeling very successful on your journey. Today’s small victories:

Went out to brunch with the BF. I ate reasonably and stopped when I was full.

Finished c25k week 4! On to week 5. I shaved about 15 seconds off the last jogging interval as I was developing a nasty stitch. I strongly prefer to run in the morning on an empty/almost empty stomach.

I am 22.2% of the way to Rivendell (stage 1 of my journey to Mordor). 222 is my favorite/lucky number.

Fitness today
C25k week 4 day 4

Food today
Brunch out: 1 chili relleno battered in “omelet”, 2 eggs, 1 small flour tortilla, pinto beans (~2/3 cup), pick de gallo, ~1 cup hash browns, coffee with half and half
Lunch/snack: 1 chili relleno with scrambled egg (1 egg?), 1 small flour tortilla, 1/3 cup pinto beans
Dinner: 1.5 chicken thighs in mole sauce, vinegar cabbage cole slaw, 1 small corn/flour tortilla


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