Day 52: random celebration

Day 50 came and went without much fanfare. So instead I’m going to celebrate day 52 (it’s no more arbitrary than day 50, really…). Here are some reasons to celebrate today:

It’s my amazing little sister’s 26th birthday (not so little anymore, I guess). She was born on a Friday 13th. It’s a lucky day for our family. đŸ™‚ HBD sister!

I feel good about my food and exercise and for the most part back on track. I’m eating better (enough calories and enough protein) which means I am rocking my workouts because… food fuels workouts. Pretty straightforward.

I have blogged almost every day for 52 days. It’s a good way for me to stay honest even if I don’t feel like the day went so well food/exercise-wise. And for me to get stronger and fitter, I have to be honest with myself.

Tomorrow I start C25k’s infamous week 5 (day 3: 20 minutes straight jogging!). It will be challenging but I am ready.

I roasted a duck (which was delicious) and now have a pint of fabulous duck fat for future cooking. Roasted potatoes, anyone?

Today was my last personal training session at the gym with Andrew. He wrote up a workout for me to do 3 days per week on my own and it’s definitely something I can do. I am excited to take charge of my own fitness again!

Fitness today
walking warmup, lots of circuits (bodyweight, cable machine, dumbbells), too many to list here

Food today
Breakfast: 1 cup Greek yogurt, 2/3 cup frozen berries, 2 Tbsp LCHF granola
Snack: 1 slice DKB, 2 eggs, 1/4 avocado, 1 oz cheddar, 1/3 cup Greek yogurt, salsa
Lunch: lettuce, 4oz shrimp, 2 tbsp Caesar dressing, 1/2 hour Parmesan
Snack: 1 apple, pb2
Dinner: meatloaf, 1/2 acorn squash with 1/2 tsp butter and 1 tbsp maple syrup, broccoli with duck fat

Comment here. Fair warning: fat shaming and pro-ana "thinspiration" will get you banned.

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