Day 58: a strange turn of events

So the promised story: the BF and one of his colleagues had meetings in the Silicon Valley today, leaving on Monday evening to stay in a hotel. The colleague planned to bring his wife along and suggested to the BF that I come along too. Sure, why not. At the last minute, the colleague’s wife bailed. So I got stuck in a boring hotel room by myself, with nothing better to do than watch a bunch of sex and the city reruns, under the impression that I was a million miles from anything, and the meeting ran late so the BF wasn’t back to pick me up before checkout. Not sure quite what I was supposed to do with myself and the suitcase, I ended up leaving the suitcase behind the front desk and going for a wander.

In one direction–the direction we drove in from–was wasteland. Seriously, interstate and nothing. In the other direction, it turned out, was cookie cutter suburban sprawl: strip malls galore, a Starbucks on every block, a huge mall. I walked across an interstate overpass at one point. Not a park or an actual neighborhood to be seen anywhere. (I always wonder, where do all the people who support these businesses live? Nowhere close, that’s for sure.)

On the one hand I hate malls– they are so bland and characterless and nothing makes me want to shop less than a mall. On the other hand, I love malls– because they’re all the same, every mall you step into instantly feels comfortable and familiar. Today — a week and a half before thanksgiving– I wandered past a mall Santa and it brought back loads of memories from when I was a kid when mom and dad would make us get dressed up to go get the Santa picture. (Then I got sad because I miss my family.)

Then I parked myself in a comfy chair at one of the many Starbucks and read for awhile till the meetings were out. And a friendly barista let me sample a seasonal tea blend that was so good I bought a box.

And it was overcast and rained a little. I’m not knocking the gorgeous Sacramento weather but I do miss rain sometimes… It just smells so good.

PS small success: food wasn’t great today but considering how bad it could have been given that I was alone in a strange place without a car, limited cash, and nowhere to be, it really wasn’t too bad. Tomorrow: LOTS of protein.

fitness today
Walking (4 miles?)

Food today
Large ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato, diet coke
Small gingerbread latte with whipped cream
Chocolate meringue cookie
blueberry scone
chicken mcnuggets


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