Day 64: lose weight with this crazy secret

Do you hate being fat? Are you always trying to lose that last 5 pounds? Are you waiting till you’re thin to go on vacation, or take more photos, or meet new people? Well, folks, get ready for a mind-blowing secret that will get you on track to weight loss.

It’s crazy. Diet companies will do anything to keep you from learning this simple trick (but dietitians and counselors specialized in eating disorders have been shouting it from the rooftops, if you just stop and listen). Are you ready for the secret? Are you ready to take the step that will change your life forever?

Here it is: stop hating your fat. Did you wake up this morning? Check yourself — are you breathing? Do you digest food and sleep and tire and peel after a bad sunburn? If you answered yes to any of those questions, congratulations! You have a body and it’s alive! Love your body — you only get one. Stop being afraid to live just because you don’t look like a model.

I get it. When you’ve spent a lifetime fighting your flab, it’s really fucking hard to look in the mirror and say with total acceptance, “Hello, self. This is me and this is my body and it’s okay.” Some folks are probably reacting with horror at just the idea of that — after all, fat is unhealthy, fat is ugly, and above all fat is bad, right? Or maybe you’re a little more enlightened: you know that it’s possible to be successful and beautiful and deserving of love while fat but don’t believe it about yourself, because you’re better than that. Hello, Julie’s brain for most of my life.

It’s hard because we live in a world that hates and fears fat. When you’re surrounded by images of thin, beautiful people, and constant rhetoric that fat is bad and we can all be thin if we just stick to 1200 calories a day or avoid gluten or drink a gallon of water every day, we learn to believe it. We internalize it. It’s called socialization.

But the truth is, if you accept and love yourself as you are, you’ll stop being afraid to do “thin people” stuff and stop being afraid to live. And what happens when you do “thin people” stuff? You’re more active because you’re doing stuff and living. (My advice: be brave, join a gym and learn to lift weights. It will help you lose weight and you’ll feel like a badass! Plus, how do you think Beyonce got her amazing bum? Squats.)

If you stop beating yourself up for every bite of food you take, you’ll stop bingeing and/or starving. Food is fuel. We need to eat it. It’s not wrong to enjoy it too. What happens when you stop bingeing and/or starving? Your caloric intake regulates.

What happens when you’re more active and you regulate your calorie intake? You lose weight.

Love yourself as you are. Be active. Eat food. And the people who would shame you and your amazing, do-anything body? Fuck them.

But what do I know? I’m just some random fat girl, right? Go check out Go Kaleo, a website run by a lean, strong, former fat girl who changed her life with this philosophy. She’s built a huge community and posts lots of discussions of research about weight loss, nutrition, and body fat, and there are loads of before/after photos to prove that it works.

Fitness today
Walking warmup, strength circuits

Food today
Snack: 1 kind bar (1 C, 3 F)
Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with 1 tsp butter and splash milk, 1 slice DKB with 1 tsp butter, 1 string cheese (3 P, 1 C, 2 F)
Lunch: pork chop, roasted broccoli, roasted potatoes (5P, 1 C, 1-2 F)
Snack: pear, 2 string cheese (2P, 1C)
Dinner: 1 oz cheddar, carrot soup with meatballs (4 P, 2 F)
Snack: orange juice (1 C)

Totals: 14 P, 5 C, 8 F


Comment here. Fair warning: fat shaming and pro-ana "thinspiration" will get you banned.

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