Day 78: I’m back.

Hoo boy. That was a *much* longer break (from blogging, fitness, and healthy eating) than I intended. But I felt better this weekend and today I feel pretty normal so I’m back on the wagon. A quick summary of the last 12 days: Thanksgiving (feast! and I ran in the morning), Thanksgiving leftovers, a quick trip to San Francisco to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge as requested by my sister’s boyfriend, and then last week… blah. I honestly have no idea how I did foodwise last week. What I know for sure is that I definitely didn’t eat enough protein. Also, no exercise to speak of, running *or* strength training.

I woke up Saturday morning and knew I needed to go for a run. I started C25k week 6 over. Holy mother of Elvis it was the hardest run I’ve done in awhile. Which is what happens when you don’t eat well and aren’t consistent with exercise… but I made it. It was really cold for Sacramento, maybe about 35˚F, but as far as I’m concerned if there’s no snow on the ground the outdoors is a better gym than the gym. Fleece hat, fleece gloves, sweatshirt… NBD. Usually there are lots of other people out walking or running but I was pretty much on my own on Saturday, just 2 runners that I saw and a couple people bundled up in parkas, walking their dogs.

Today was my first day back at the gym for strength training (really, really hard today) and tracking food.

So, here goes:

Fitness today
strength circuits, walking warmup

Food today
Breakfast: Greek yogurt, frozen berries, nut/seed granola
Snack: apple
Lunch: chicken breast in tomato sauce with a little mozzarella, olives
Dinner: salad (lettuce, bell pepper, carrot, blue cheese dressing), brown rice (3/4 cup), chicken tikka masala


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