Day 81: keepin on

Today’s run was a challenge. It’s week 6 day 2 of c25k, 10 minutes jogging followed by 3 minutes walking, twice (plus warmup and cool down). The first 10 minutes wasn’t too bad — a few minutes I thought, wow, a couple months ago I felt worse than this after 30 seconds. That made me smile–progress!

But overall I just wasn’t feeling it today. I don’t particularly like any of the week 6 podcasts I’ve put on my phone, and good music definitely helps power my runs. You can set Runkeeper to update you on distance/time/average pace. I think I’m going to turn that on for my next two runs and listen to my own workout playlists. They’ll be 25 minutes straight running so I don’t need cues at weird times to start and stop.

More than the music though I just felt kind of blah and wished I wasn’t running today. After the 3 minute walk I didn’t want to run again and it was a big mental challenge to push through that segment. It was also a physical challenge — my right hip flexor felt kind of tight and I could feel it affecting my gait a little. I’ve never been very flexible. I need to work on stretching more and better.

In other news, the BF bought a giant box of cheezits at Costco. On the one hand: OMG cheezits are delicious. On the other hand: they are a nutrient-light, calorie-dense food and don’t really contribute to greater health. Decision: I’m allowing myself one serving per day (if I want it) because I really like them and its important to me that I get to eat foods I enjoy. The whole situation is a little weird though–I would never think to buy cheezits, even if I were standing in front of them in the supermarket. To me they are car food for road trips. It’s so strange to open the cupboard and see the big red box.

Fitness today
Miles to Mordor: walking warmup, c25k week 6 day 2

Food today
Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 Canadian bacon, 1 light high fiber English muffin (4 P, 1 C)
Snack: cheezits, 1 tbsp nut/seed granola (2 C, 1 F)
Lunch: 1 slice DKB, tuna salad (tuna, onion, bell pepper, mayo, Greek yogurt). (3 P, 1 F, 1 C)
Snack: 2 string cheese (2 P)
Snack: roasted broccoli, roasted potatoes. (2 C, 2 F)
Dinner: thai steak salad (flank steak, red cabbage, bean sprouts, carrot, peanuts, lime/soy sauce dressing) (5 P, 1 F)


7 thoughts on “Day 81: keepin on

  1. Great progress! 🙂 I did the C25K to start out with too and I felt the same way. It’s really fun when you move up and are surprised you’re still able to breathe after 5 minutes. Keep it up!

  2. Some days are tough. Some days I had no idea if I was even going to make that run section. I’ve got Week 6 to do again, since I’m out on injury at the moment…Good on you for finishing that run though! p.s. I searched the Miles to Mordor challenge, it seems brilliant so I’ll be joining in come January! 🙂

    • It’s funny how some days feel so easy and others feel like such a challenge. For me it’s partly to do with the length of each running segment. The longer the running segments are, the harder it is to start running again after a break. 4 repeats of run 5, walk 2 would be *way* easier for me mentally than 2 repeats of run 10, walk 4. Also, my c25k timetable is weird. I take 2 actual weeks, with 2 runs each week, to do each “week” of c25k which slows the process way down. Plus I’ve taken a couple weeks off, and started weeks over. I’m in no rush. 🙂

      I saw on your blog you were injured. Definitely take it easy! It’s the best thing you can do for yourself right now. It will come back easier than expected once you’re able to run again.

      Miles to Mordor is a great way to track distance run/walked! Enjoy!

      • I completely agree! Its harder to start after a long run section! Its strange isn’t it! I guess it doesn’t matter how long it takes, so long as you get through it with less injuries and more improvements! I carried one week on over 2, for Week5. I thought it was better – more time to adjust.

      • One thing that always gets me going is that amazing feeling of achievement when I’m done, like “you did this!!!”

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