Day 83: she runs like the wind…

… and she is me. I ran for 25 straight minutes today! Holla!

Sacramento fall/winter has perfect running weather in the mornings. Chilly, clear, sunny. Also, this morning I switched off the podcasts and used the time notification feature on Runkeeper instead, so I could listen to my own playlist. So much better than the podcasts this week.

In other news, I don’t really trust the accuracy of the GPS on my phone in measuring miles run. I know it’s approximately correct but today I went further than any other day– to hit 25 minutes, I had to do part of my route twice , which I’ve never done before– but my phone still tells me I ran more miles last Saturday. Weird. Has anyone else had this problem?

Fitness today
Miles to Mordor: C25k week 6 day 3, walking. 3.3 total miles.

Food today
Breakfast: western omelet, toast, coffee with cream (4 P, 3 F, 1 C)
Snack: 1 buckeye (2 F, 1 C)
Lunch: leftover beef stew, brown rice (5P, 1F, 2C)
Dinner: patatas riojanas (6P, 1F, 2C)
Snack: 2 string cheese (2P)
Snack: 1 pecan sandie (1F, 1C)
Totals: 17P, 8F, 7C

4 thoughts on “Day 83: she runs like the wind…

  1. I have the same problem with the GPS on my phone and find that RunKeeper can be a bit hit and miss at times when it comes to tracking the distance. Still, sounds like you had a good run. 🙂

    • Good run today for sure. 🙂 it would be nice to know how fast/far I’m actually running without having to resort to a treadmill which artificially imposes pace… I might have to find a fancy tracker sometime in the not too distant future.

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