Day 84: hike day!


Gorgeous weather in Sac today so the BF and I went for a quick hike this afternoon–not great timing as it was only a couple hours till sunset, but well worth it! We went to the Yolo Wildlife Area which is a huge park filled with marshes and lots of birds. We saw white egrets, herons, ducks, a lot of blackbirds of some sort, and a peregrine falcon. I had no idea that when flocks of birds that large (hundreds) took off all at once, the sound of wings flapping was SO LOUD.

The Central Valley is now into the “wet season” although there’s been very little rain so far. Weather is a little cooler, trees are bare, and the grasses are brown. It’s still unbelievably gorgeous. My very non-professional photos really don’t do it justice.


The greyish cloud above the horizon in the above picture is a huge flock of birds. We stood and watched the formation change for 10 minutes–as the birds flew, the shape and color of the cloud changed. So cool.


Fitness today
Miles to Mordor: hiking, ~3.5mi

Food today
Breakfast: 1 slice DKB, omelet (eggs, splash cream, leftover patatas riojanas, cheddar), coffee with splash cream. (5 P, 3 F, 2 C)
Snack: leftover patatas riojanas (3 P, 1 F, 1 C)
Snack: apple, 2 string cheese (2 P, 1 C)
Snack: 1 buckeye, 1 chocolate raspberry rum cookie (3 F, 2 C)
Dinner: sesame ginger chicken chopped salad (red cabbage, chicken breast, carrot, bell pepper, green onion, cashews, mandarin oranges, sesame ginger dressing), 1 buckeye. (8P, 5F, 2C)
Totals: 18P, 13F, 8C


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