Day 89: trifecta.

3 days, 3 interviews, 3 job offers. I am stunned. So many months of frustration with hardly any interest in my applications at all and suddenly I have more job prospects than I know what to do with. Not just stunned. Feeling kind of overwhelmed, frankly.

I have done no exercise since Tuesday and I’ve eaten terribly–not enough protein, not enough vegetables–and I feel kind of gross. But it has been a very, very strange 3 days. Right now I’m feeling really jumpy and actually what I want more than just about anything is to go for a run (this is a new and unfamiliar feeling and I like it!) but tonight is the BF’s work holiday party and right now I have just enough time to change my clothes and get to the restaurant. I am very much looking forward to my run tomorrow morning. I need it.

Measurement Day tomorrow is going to be very interesting.

Fitness today
None. Again. 3rd straight day of massive amounts of driving. I pretty much never want to drive again.

Food today
Ugh. Not good, again. I miss my protein and vegetables. Big grocery shop this weekend is long overdue. Anyway: breakfast sandwich (roll, 1 egg, cheese, 1.5 slices bacon) and breakfast potatoes from Wendy’s, large coffee with ~1 Tbsp half and half, ~1 cup mint-chocolate gelato, 1 buckeye, 1 slice DKB with 1 egg/ 1 Canadian bacon/ 1 oz cheddar. Dinner at BF’s work function: one large glass white wine, 1/2 small slice baguette with 1/2 tsp butter, greens with light vinaigrette, baked chicken with mashed potatoes, a few bites fruit crumble, 1 cup coffee with splash cream.


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