Day 91: sea change

A small administrative change here at Yankee Girl Gets Fit: I’ve been tracking my food at myfitnesspal. It’s a pain to track it twice, once here and once there. I’m going to stop tracking here. I’m posting a link to my myfitnesspal account here (and in the About Me page) so that anyone who wants to, can follow my food journal (uh, that’s nobody, right?). I think I can still address dietary issues here without daily food logs.

This small change reflects a much bigger change that I think has been coming for awhile. It’s been easy, conceptually, to track macronutrient exchanges instead of calories, and digging through the MFP database and adding recipes is sort of a pain. So why am I switching over? Several reasons.

I care about the number of calories I consume insofar as I want to eat at a very small deficit, 250-500kcal per day, given that the only sustainable weight loss is moderate weight loss. Perhaps even more importantly, caloric hyper-restriction (such as that required by fad diets and conventional “wisdom”) triggers binge eating. Even infrequent binge eating behavior, averaged over the long term, typically puts you over your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure), causing weight gain.

Additionally, the one month that I diligently tracked exchanges and ate according to my meal plan the vast majority of meals, I lost 14 pounds, and even if that includes fluid loss not fat loss, it’s too much and not sustainable. The month I tracked less diligently and ate off-plan more frequently, my weight was steady. This month I also tracked less diligently and ate off-plan more frequently, and I didn’t take measurements.

I want to implement a very small, more sustainable caloric deficit, and to do that I need to know what my actual TDEE is; the only way to do that is to accurately track caloric intake/exercise, and to weigh myself regularly.

So here’s my plan: weigh/measure food, track calories and macronutrients, keep exercising, and (deep breath) weigh myself every Monday morning for at least 4 weeks, because if I don’t do that I can’t figure out my actual TDEE.

Fitness today:
none. rest day.

Food today:
not tracking it here anymore! see you over at myfitnesspal.


2 thoughts on “Day 91: sea change

    • I’ve used it before for a couple different periods of 2-3 months or so when I was still over-restricting my calories. The weight “progress” info is wrong and seriously outdated and I haven’t set up a profile or anything. But I do like that since I last used it they’ve added a recipe analyzer, which is really useful!

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