Day 92: keepin on

The air conditioning was out at the gym today and it was practically a sauna. Holy mother of Elvis I didn’t sweat that much going for a run outside in August. Just gross.

Also, I weighed myself today (for the great TDEE project). No pressure. I’m starting with 2200 kcal per day but honestly I think that will be too low. I am pretty hungry this evening and I’ve already used up my calories for the day. But I need to maintain this for a few weeks in order to know for sure whether that’s TDEE, surplus, or deficit. Watch this space.

Last thing today: my hips and calves are so tight which affects my squats… And that pattern of tightness is exacerbated by running, which is my cardio of choice, and sitting, which is what most of us do most of the day. (When I start my job I’ll be on my feet a lot more. Yay!) Hopefully foam rolling and better stretching will improve things.

Fitness today
Strength: Walking warmup, the usual strength circuits, foam rolling, stretching

In search of my TDEE
Weight: 251.4
Kcal: 2185

3 thoughts on “Day 92: keepin on

    • I am kind of excited about the TDEE project– even if it takes a few months, afterwards I’ll be able to choose kcal targets with greater confidence.

      What do you do for your hips and IT bands?

      • Foam rolling is an absolute MUST for me personally. I also have various PT stretches from the injuries that I was given and did yoga for a while, but have lapsed on that. I need to get back into it because it really does help. One stretch that is awesome for the hips is the pigeon pose (hard to explain, but you can Google the name). Resistance Band walks help strengthen a lot (if you have one – you can get them pretty cheap). Just wrap them around your ankles and take steps sideways and do some in a “box” formation (step forward, right, back, left). Hope you can find what works best for you!

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