Day 93: exercise is magic. I’m serious.

It is so warm in Sacramento right now that it doesn’t feel at all like christmas to this girl who lived in the north for 30 years. It will make my run tomorrow quite pleasant! I’m taking tomorrow off from the blog but I’ll be back Thursday. Merry Christmas to you if you celebrate; if you don’t, may your day be relaxing and peaceful.

Now on to regularly scheduled programming.

Protein is good for retention of lean body mass and muscle growth. Fat is good because, among other things, it makes us feel full. But carbs, what are they good for?

I’m not a dietitian or anything so your mileage may vary and if you have a medical condition consult your doctor etc etc. But my personal experience over the last few months has been that, when I get plenty of carbs in addition to protein and fat, I have way more energy for exercise. Without a good balance of all three macronutrients, my energy wanes and I workout less.

When I eat better–including the “evil” carbs and the even “eviller” sugar–I have awesome workouts and awesome workouts make me want to keep exercising. And regular exercise has done amazing things for my overall health, even though my weight hasn’t changed much. My period is regular for the first time in my adult life, without the assistance of hormonal birth control. I am sleeping so well–I get tired on schedule, I wake up 8 hours later without an alarm and feel well rested, and I’ve mostly stopped getting up in the night to pee. My resting heart rate is a little lower.

I’m not just blowing smoke. The benefits of regular exercise on health is well attested in the medical literature. Because most of us don’t want to read medical journals in our spare time, here are seven benefits of exercise from the Mayo Clinic, which includes better sleep, more energy, mood stabilization, and hormonal regulation, which are all things I’ve experienced.

I sincerely regret my antipathy to exercise of all forms for most of my life. Exercise is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Eat carbs. Exercise hard. Live healthy.

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