Day 96: 3 good things

1. As much as I loved the holiday feasting, it feels good to be back to my normal food. My body likes protein and vegetables.

2. Killed it at the gym this morning. I am up to 3×14 inclined push-ups. I could barely do 3×10 2 months ago. Steps on the journey to 1 real horizontal push-up. 🙂

3. I officially accepted the job I really wanted: at a SNF in Clearlake, CA. I’ll have to move, which means I won’t get to live with my rad BF for awhile (nah good, broo. Amazing cartoon at the link for people who love language and accents). But I got a great offer, I love the facility, I really clicked with the rehab director, it’s just gorgeous there, and it’s only 2 hours from the Sac area (where we live now) and 2 hours from SF/Bay Area (where the BF is likely to move if he changes jobs). So I won’t be too far away from the BF and we will be able to spend every weekend together.

Looking forward to the weekend. There will be jogging and brunch. And probably some board games. Loving Dominion lately.

Fitness today
Miles to Mordor: 2.87
Foam rolling
Strength circuits — goblet squats, 1-leg RDLs, incline pushups, cable rows, cable pulldowns, overhead dumbbell presses

In search of my TDEE
kcal: 2279


3 thoughts on “Day 96: 3 good things

  1. Nice job with the push-ups! I’ve graduated from knees to full horizontal, however I don’t go down to the point my chest actually touches the ground…so not sure that counts. Working on it though! 😉

    Congrats again on the job! Sounds pretty awesome and like you’ve got it all figured out with the BF.

    • Those pushups definitely count! It’s better to do a partial-depth push-up with good form focusing on your back than it is to do a full-depth push-up with bad form. Or so I hear from folks who know more about fitness than I do, anyway.

      Re. job: Thanks! I am so excited about it. Fingers crossed I can find a house on the lakefront to rent. Property is super cheap there. The BF’s reaction: “This is great. A lakefront vacation house that I don’t have to pay for because it’s your house.” Just charming…

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