Day 100: hello to 2014!

How apt that the 100th day of my lifestyle overhaul should be New Year’s Eve–something about new beginnings and celebrating achievements and all that.

I’ve never really gone in for New Years resolutions–why limit yourself to changing your life only 1 day per year? And, for me (and many, many other people), they’ve never stuck.

But I do think setting achievable goals is good in any area of your life. So here are my goals for 2014. Some are already in progress. None of them require massive life changes — they’re all related to things that are already part of my life. I think I can manage that. 🙂

  1. Chip away at my established fitness goals
  2. Run in four 5k races
  3. Graduate to a barbell-based lifting program
  4. Figure out my TDEE and a safe, small deficit for moderate weight loss
  5. Eat cake and all other foods without regret
  6. Backpack at Glacier
  7. Thru-hike a section of the Pacific Crest Trail
  8. Upgrade my very old, falling-apart MacBook to a fancy new desktop Windows PC plus iPad
  9. Visit faraway friends and family
  10. Learn 3+ new board games
  11. Read 12+ books
  12. Finish 6+ knitting projects
  13. Continue the blog for the whole year

That’s enough! I have to have time to sleep, work, relax with the BF, and play with the pirate kitty, right?

For now, I’ll leave you with the greatest New Year’s Eve scene in film history. Here’s to the rest of your life starting as soon as possible!

Fitness today
Miles to Mordor: 3.1

In search of my TDEE:
kCal: 3478 (oh my. New Year’s Eve… Booze… Appetizers… My calorie count could be way off in either direction but I tried.)


2 thoughts on “Day 100: hello to 2014!

  1. That’s a fun movie scene. I’ve never watched that movie. Ever. Never had the desire to I guess…

    Those are some fantastic goals! I hope you’re able to do them all. I love that you made them attainable because you’re already working on them. That’s the best way to do it, I think.

    • I like it. It’s pretty observant about how friendship and relationships work, and it’s actually funny. And the clothes and hair are AMAZING. For 18 years I’ve basically wanted to look like Carrie fisher in that movie.

      I’m sort of excited about having goals for the year. I’ve never tried that before.

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