Day 131: feeling kind of proud

With the exception of my SLOW run yesterday (and my planned run tomorrow) I have taken this week off from fitness and cooking (which means my nutrition is not so great this week, protein or calorie-wise). Here’s how I know it’s been good for me:

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Day 130: running after a rain

C25k week 9 day 3. One more! I thought about not going and taking the week off from everything but it rained (lightly) all day yesterday and I couldn’t in good conscience not get out there to appreciate how good it smells after rain. So I went super slow because I haven’t really felt like doing much of anything this week and just enjoyed the smell of rain and the puddles. I wish it would rain some more. I know that sounds crazy…

Fitness today
C25k week 9 day 3

In search of my TDEE
2280 kCal

Day 129: the blahs

I have felt so blah the last few days–no motivation to exercise (even though I love how it makes me feel, so rationally I know it’s a good decision to exercise), no motivation to cook (even though I make awesome healthy food that makes it easy to meet my protein and calorie goals), etc. I’m not depressed this time, just blah. I know it happens but what I would really like to know is how to knock myself out of it.

I think it’s ok to take the week off from strength training, reset a little bit, have a break from the gym (I like strength training but I kind of hate my gym). In the long run it won’t matter. I’m trying really hard not to get to frustrated or disappointed with myself. Nobody’s perfect.

Tomorrow is c25k week 9 day 3, only 1 more run after that (by my extended schedule).

Day 128

Pete Seeger died today and I am feeling a little lost. I don’t typically get too caught up in celebrity deaths but Pete Seeger was more than just an iconic figure. Like lots of American kids, we sang This Land is Your Land at every assembly during elementary school; it’s as central to my childhood as riding bikes and multiplication tables. Of course none of us understood that the song was more than a love song, it’s revolutionary. (I wonder if schools still let kids sing this song. Somehow I doubt it.)

Later, Pete Seeger was a bridge to a better understanding of culture and politics and history. His musicĀ meant something.

I will blog for real tomorrow but for now I just want to remember an amazing person.

Day 127: TDEE week 5 weigh-in + measurement day

Today was my week 5 weigh-in on the TDEE project (details here). Stats:

Week 5
Current weight: 245.4 lbs
Weight change this week: -0.6 lbs
Average daily kCal this week: 2402

Over 5 weeks @ 2400 kCal per day
Total weight change: -6 lbs
Average weekly weight change: -1.2 lbs
Average daily kCal: 2404

I’m consistently losing weight at 2400 kCal per day so that’s not my TDEE. The current project is about figuring out my TDEE, not specifically about losing weight. So, I’m going to try more calories. I’m going to spend the next 4 weeks at 2600 kCal per day. This is a little scary… it sounds likeĀ so much food. But I like food, so here goes.

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Day 126: fartleks


Just some helpful directions spotted on my running loop. The arrow points here:


Good for a laugh every time I go out for a run. Now, fartleks.

Fartleks is a funny word, but I didn’t make it up! If you’ve been running a long time you probably know what fartleks are but there’s lots to learn when you’re just starting out with a sport (with any activity, really). I only learned about fartleks recently when a couple bloggers I follow mentioned them. (Thanks bloggers!)

Fartleks are unstructured speed training intervals. While jogging at a comfortable pace, pick a nearby landmark like a lamppost or driveway, run at ~80% max effort to that landmark, then slow back down to your comfortable pace. When your heartrate has slowed a little, pick another landmark, and speed up again until you reach the landmark. Repeat as desired.

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Day 125: hike!


Yesterday the BF requested we take a hike today and I’m not one to turn down a walk in the woods–especially when it’s usually me pushing him to hike with me. He wanted to revisit a waterfall we hiked to a few months ago, variously called Shingle Falls, Fairy Falls, and Beale Falls. So off we went.
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