Day 106: TDEE week 2 update

Today was my week 2 weigh-in for the TDEE project. (For a thorough explanation of TDEE and what I’m doing, go here.) My stats:

Week 2
Weight: 247.2 lbs
Change this week: -2.6 lbs
Average daily kCal this week: 2402

Total weight change: -4.2 lbs
Average weekly weight change: -2.1 lbs
Average daily kCal for duration of project: 2410

Losing weight 2 weeks in a row on the same caloric intake is a decent indicator that I’m eating at a caloric deficit. However, I’m going to give it two more weeks to be sure, because 2.6 lbs is still within normal weight fluctuation, especially for women. Our weight fluctuates over the course of our cycle as our hormones change. So it’s a good idea to test a given calorie intake for at least one full cycle.

There’s a couple other reasons why the last 2 weeks of weight loss may not be indicative of a true caloric deficit: (1) the last two weeks included Christmas and New Year. Each week featured at least one very high-calorie day and a few lower calorie days to balance it out to reach the 2400 kCal average. Would it be different if I actually ate 2400 kCal per day? (On a calories in vs calories out model of weight loss, it shouldn’t matter…) (2) Because of the holidays my strength training schedule is off — only 2 days one week, and 1 day the other week. Usually I do 3 days. This could have a (minor) affect on my muscle mass, which would affect my weight.

Conclusion: for the time being, I’m keepin on with 2400 kCal per day, although my gut feeling is that I will have to test 2600 kCal next.

Fitness today
Miles to Mordor: 2.45
Foam rolling, stretching, strength training (the usual)

In search of my TDEE
kCal today: 2429
Among the many benefits of intentionally eating more: I’m not afraid to eat when I need to. I worked out hard today and finished the session feeling kind of nauseated. By the time I got home I felt a little weak and I knew that I needed calories now–not 10 minutes from now after preparing a nutritious snack; NOW. So I drank a glass of eggnog–high fat, high sugar, fast-release energy; your average dieter’s worst nightmare. I felt better almost instantly. My body needed easily available calories so that’s what I gave it, no guilt, and my body thanked me. With 2400 calories per day, the 200 I spent on eggnog won’t mess up my planned meals, in fact it’s hardly a dent in my daily allotment.


2 thoughts on “Day 106: TDEE week 2 update

    • Me neither! I’ve never done anything like this before! Calories have only ever been something to eat less of. It’s a nice change for them to be “morally neutral” (if that makes sense).

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