Day 107: c25k week 7 DONE, finally!

I am writing this from the floor of my front entryway. I went for my run, came home and did some planks, and have since decided I never need to get off the floor. It’s just so… UP, up there, and so nice and flat down here.

Good news: c25k week 7 is finally done. I feel like I’ve been on week 7 forever. I looked over my progress chart and I can see why. The last run of week 6 is also a 25 minute run, and I do day 3 of each week twice. So I have been doing 25-minute runs since December 14. That’s 3 1/2 weeks! It’s definitely time to move on.

Today I changed how I record my running miles. I’ve been counting warmup walk + run + cool down walk because that’s easiest (no start/stop to mess with my phone when I’m already moving), but I want a better picture of my running pace so today I only logged my running. It means I can’t compare my distance with previous days but that’s ok. I just have a new benchmark: 2.16 miles in 25 minutes for a pace of 11:36/mile. I’m pleased! If I can sustain this for a full 5k my race time in February will be about 35 minutes.

In other news, my hamstrings are sore after RDLs yesterday. Hoo boy. The gym tomorrow will be interesting.

Fitness today
Miles to Mordor: 5.46
C25k week 7 day 4. Next up: week 8!
Planks, stretching

in search of my TDEE
kCal: 2429


2 thoughts on “Day 107: c25k week 7 DONE, finally!

  1. Great job!!!! I always hated that my warm-up/cool down walking was part of my app too and I couldn’t get an accurate pace. I treated myself to a Garmin last fall, though, so that’s as easy as just pushing start on the watch. The app is still an issue though – and really a pain at the start of a race because it always seems races start facing into the sun! LOL I can never see the start button even if I’ve pre-loaded everything. Congrats on moving up!!

    • Now that I have the fitbit I don’t want a garmin right now, but it’s something to think about sometime in the distant future, maybe. It’s not ideal to have to mess with the phone as I start and stop running, but seriously, talk about first world problems, right? 🙂

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