Day 108: observations at the gym

Just a random assortment of things I noticed at the gym today:

1. People cruise the half-empty parking lot looking for the closest spot. Seriously, people. It’s the gym. You’re there to move your body. Don’t you want those extra steps? I guess habits die hard…

2. An elderly man on an elliptical machine had on Beats by Dre headphones. I smiled so hard.

3. A group of 3 middle aged women were stretching out after their workouts close to where I’d set up for foam rolling. They were obviously dedicated to lifting — they all had well-worn lifting shoes and lifting gloves, and one wore a tank top that said “More sets please.” These were not small women — plenty of visible muscles like huge quads, big shoulders, big perky squat butts, but also plenty of visible fat — thick waists, thick arms. These were women who lift big and eat big to support that. These women are my heroes. I kind of considered going up to them and asking if they’d take me on as a project.

4. I was right to be afraid of the hordes of new year’s resolutioners. The gym is a madhouse.

In related news, I have decided that once I move to Clearlake I am going to start barbell lifts. I need a start date that I’m moving towards, otherwise it’s just too easy to keep on with my standard circuits, and I want to move on. Everybody starts somewhere. Stronglifts 5×5 here I come…

Fitness today
Miles to Mordor: 2.42
Foam rolling, stretching, circuits (bodyweight, dumbbells, cable machine)

In search of my TDEE
kCal: 2434
More positive changes I’ve noticed since starting to intentionally eat more: my feet aren’t as cold and my body temperature has increased to 98.4˚F which is amazing because it’s hovered around 97.5˚ my entire adult life. Both of these things are indicators of an elevated metabolism.

Oh and one last thing: I ate at In-n-Out for dinner (first time! I feel like I’ve passed some sort of California residency test… But I like Five Guys better). I ate a giant burger, some fries, and part of a shake. I am stoked — this is the kind of meal that PRs are made of, and I’m running in the morning. It fit just fine in my daily calorie allotment and I still got to eat satisfying breakfast and lunch (pizza!) plus snacks, and I hit my protein goal. More calories = awesome.


2 thoughts on “Day 108: observations at the gym

  1. Five guys is the BEST! Love that place.

    I love the gym observations. Those women sound amazing. Sometimes I see people like that and want to be like “teach me!”.

    Btw, I checked out those people you recommended. I don’t know about the last 3, but I signed up for Go Kaleo’s blog. I like the way she writes and the advice she gives. Very interesting. I’m still a little hesitant to do what you’re doing with your testing though. I did look up more stuff online to figure out my calories for each day and did bump it up to 1700. I used various calculators for BMR and then just kind of picked an average out of it. I’ll see how that goes and maybe go as high as 1800, but I need some time to see how 1700 works.

    • Go Kaleo is my favorite by far. She is really awesome.

      If you like what you’re doing and feel like it works for you, you aren’t hungry or bingeing, and you’re metabolically healthy, keep doing it. I had to do something different because I couldn’t stay on a restrictive meal plan for more than a month and then I’d just gain weight back. I like food and don’t want to spend the rest of my life fighting my cravings and bingeing, which hasn’t worked for me yet. And to be fair, it took about 2 months of reading about other people who’ve done this and following Amber Roger’s Eating the Food group on Facebook before I felt brave enough to try it myself. I kept thinking “fine, it works for some other people, but I just can’t afford to gain the weight if it doesn’t work for me.” That’s why I picked 2200 as my first daily average to test, because I was pretty sure it would be low so I wouldn’t gain, and I was also pretty sure it was enough to keep me from feeling hungry (it wasn’t. Aiming for 2200 I hit a 2400 average which is why I decided to test 2400 instead. And I’m still pretty sure that’s too low.).

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