Day 109: PRs!!! And some other random stuff

A few random things today.

1. I started C25k week 8 (run 28 minutes). PRs: longest sustained running time (28:20), furthest distance (2.46 mi), fastest average pace (11:31 min/mi). I couldn’t stop smiling as I walked home. Carli’s default week 8 podcast ends with the Rocky theme — talk about motivation to push through those last few minutes. 🙂


2. For my brother, a better explanation than I gave on the phone: assuming I keep losing weight at 2400 kCal per day, I’m going to test higher kCal intakes to find my TDEE even if it slows down my weight loss temporarily. If I can lose weight at 2600 kCal, or 2800 kCal or some other amount, I’d rather eat at the higher intake because it’s easier to sustain over the long term (plus, wouldn’t you rather eat more?). Look at our family’s history with weight loss and regain and overly restrictive diets which have never worked long term. We’ve been doing something wrong. So I’m trying something different. 🙂

3. To my sister, a better response than the email I sent yesterday: without your kettlebells badassery last year I wouldn’t be here right now doing this. It’s silly to say “I want to be awesome like Julie” because, well, you were awesome first. And there’s nothing stopping you from doing pretty much the same thing I’m doing: find your TDEE, take walks if you don’t want to run (but seriously, running’s not so bad, and there’s lots of runners who started out running slower than they walk), do free bodyweight exercises at home or a playground if you can’t afford a gym or classes. Here are some really good free resources for full workouts:

4. My dad said he’s thinking about hiking the Wonderland Trail this year and wanted to talk to me and the siblings about it because maybe we’d be interested. Holy mother of Elvis. The Wonderland Trail is on my hiking bucket list. But realistically I don’t know if I can do it this year. It’s a 2 week hike. The BF and I are going to at least 2 out of town weddings which eats up vacation time like crazy. Thinking thinking thinking.

5. Sometimes you have one of those big duh! moments where you just have to shake your head and wonder, why didn’t I think of that before?. I’ve been thinking I should buy some weight-lifting shoes (flat, low, incompressible sole) except… no job, no money. Every so often I ogle them online. Yesterday I was wearing my Sambas out and about and I thought, wow, now I remember why I don’t wear these very often. And this morning it hit me: they are perfect for weight lifting. Flat, low, incompressible sole. Hard leather that helps you brace your foot against the side of the shoe as you squat. I googled “best weight lifting shoes” and what popped up, over and over? Chuck Taylors and… Sambas. Duh.


Fitness today
Miles to Mordor: 4.8
C25k week 8 day 1
Planks, stretching

In search of my TDEE
kCal today: 2350
All those carbs last night at my In-n-Out extravaganza paid off! I had loads of energy this morning for my run.


3 thoughts on “Day 109: PRs!!! And some other random stuff

  1. LOL, it’s funny you mention Sambas because I LOVE those shoes. I wore Gazelles when I was a kid (pretty much the same) and was trying to find Sambas locally that fit me and never could. I finally gave up and got a pair of Crossfit Nano 2.0 and I’m in love. I tried Chucks too, but I just didn’t like the feel of them. I think it’s weird how Chucks are in a “unisex” size…very strange.

    PS. I love Nerd Fitness too, but I can’t stand all the Paleo talk. I ignore posts about that and just read the fitness ones.

    • When I was a teenager pretty much all I wore were sambas and Docs. At university I branched out to Chucks (fun fact: in the UK they’re called baseball boots. Weird). These days I prefer more supportive shoes. But a year and a half ago I bought a pair of sambas for the nostalgia factor and wore them maybe 2-3 times before I broke my leg. They’ve been mostly unworn so I was pretty excited when I figured out a good use for them.

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