Day 113: TDEE week 3 update

Today was my week 3 weigh-in for my TDEE project. (I’m trying to figure out my average daily calorie burn so I know how many kCal I should eat for safe, sustainable weight loss. For a more thorough description of this process, check out this post.)

Week 3
Weight: 274.2
Change this week: 0
Average daily kCal this week: 2403

Total weight change: -4.2
Average weekly weight change: -1.4
Average daily kCal for duration of project: 2408

This week I ate within 100 kCal of my 2400 goal every day (to the best of my estimation). I exercised a little more than usual (3 runs–usually 2; plus 3 strength training). My weight this week is stable (to the tenth of a pound!). One more week at 2400 kCal…

Fitness today
None. Was supposed to be a strength training day but I prioritized a nap instead.

In search of my TDEE
KCal: 2723

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