Day 116: some running stuff

Meg Menzies, a runner from Richmond VA, was killed by a drunk driver while out for a jog on Monday morning and her running family has set up a facebook event to raise awareness for running/cycling safety and also as a tribute to their friend. If you’re running this Saturday 1/18, no matter where you are, please consider running in Meg Menzies’s honor.

Today was my first day running in my fancy new kicks. Good news: my toes are in heaven. It’s wonderful to actually have some toe room. Bad news: the foot pain I had a couple months ago in my hiking boots came back. Both times it’s come on when I started wearing the right size shoe and my foot could relax. Back to the podiatrist, I guess. Pretty sure custom orthotics are going to be the answer. Maybe it can wait till April when I have new, better health insurance? It would definitely mean no hikes more than 3 miles till then. 😦

In completely random, unrelated news: protein powder is a very personal preference. I bought a few individual packets to try out some different types. I have seen people on the interwebs raving about Jay Robb egg white powder but for the life of me I cannot figure out why. It was vile as a drink, and this morning it was vile mixed with Greek yogurt. And yet I choked it down because food is expensive and I hate wasting it.

Fitness today
C25k week 8 day 3 (distance and pace PRs!), stretching, planks

In search of my TDEE
kCal: 2499
Impromptu going-away dinner for a friend who’s moving away tomorrow. I estimated dinner calories to the best of my ability but of course could be wildly off in either direction. Dinner was fine but the highlight was the fabulous beer (Campfire Stout. YUM), honestly I would have been just as happy without the meal.


4 thoughts on “Day 116: some running stuff

  1. Oh the foot pain doesn’t sound to good! Hope you get some answers soon. Would a hiking/running store not be able to give you a few answers?
    That expensively vile drink didn’t sound too good either!

    • It was gross! But there’s a lot of people who really like it so maybe it’s just me being picky.

      Thanks for the suggestion about asking at a running/hiking store, I will try that! The worst that happens is they have no idea, but so what? It’s free. 🙂

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