Day 117: keepin on

Not much going on today. Strength training, house-hunting, reading. I finished two books today (that’s 4 down already this year, I’m thinking I might need to readjust my goal for 2014…). I didn’t particularly like The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, glad it’s done so I can move on to something I might like better. I’m usually pretty good about abandoning books I don’t like but I just had so much I wanted to say about it on goodreads that I felt obligated to finish it.

I had 3 restaurant meals this week (with leftovers eaten at other meals) which means lots of food with inaccurate (possibly very inaccurate) calorie counts. It’s still a couple days till my TDEE weigh-in but I’m really tempted to spend at least one more week at 2400 kcal/day (no matter what happens weight-wise) because this week has been so weird food-wise. What do you think?

Fitness today
Foam rolling, strength training

In search of my TDEE
kCal: 2280
Yet another restaurant meal so today’s calorie estimation may be wildly off in either direction… The BF had an early morning flight so we stopped and got breakfast on the way to the airport. I enjoy the eating out experience but I don’t enjoy how an over-abundance of restaurant food makes my body feel–sluggish and bloated yet still hungry.


2 thoughts on “Day 117: keepin on

  1. I think it can’t hurt. If you’re not aiming to finish the testing by any specific date, take your time at each level and just see how it goes! If your week was thrown off, I say give it another one.

    • my sister said the same thing. I’ve felt really comfortable on 2400 calories so it wouldn’t be a hardship or anything.

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