Day 118: why I run

C25k week 8 finished! This is where I ran today:


Today I ran for #megsmiles along with thousands of other folks all around the world. I didn’t know Meg Menzies but I think it’s important to celebrate a life cut short too soon, plus it’s events like this that can lead to dramatic change. The best friend of my “other mother” in high school was killed by a careless driver while cycling and her terrible injuries were witnessed by her cycling friends. In her honor my “other mother”, an attorney and also a cyclist, advocated for and spoke at the state legislature in favor of the successful passage of the 2005 Ann Weatherill Safe Passing Act in Washington which took a big step toward making roads safer for cyclists and runners; in part because of this law, Washington is now ranked the #1 Most Bicycle Friendly State.

I ran very slowly today–shuffled, really, and it’s been awhile since I moved past the shuffle run–because I wanted to really soak up the scenery and the sunshine and take the time to think about why I run. It’s not my favorite exercise–I prefer hiking and lifting weights–but I have come to enjoy it more the longer that I do it, and I’m really glad that I’ve made it a part of my routine. Here’s what gets me out the door to run:

  • I can lace up my shoes and be ready to go, anytime, anyplace.
  • I get to breathe the fresh air.
  • I get to enjoy the beautiful climate and scenery along my route.
  • I get to experience the slowly changing seasons.
  • I run past a school and get to experience the kids enjoying recess and just being kids.
  • I run past soccer fields and on Saturday mornings I get to watch kids working hard at a sport they love.
  • I get to push myself and accomplish things I never thought possible.
  • When my run is over, I feel like I could walk on air.
  • It’s a way to feel close to my parents who live far away from me. My mom ran nearly every day for 30 years but had to stop after a terrible hip injury in a car accident. My dad has also run off and on his whole life; he even walked a marathon after training for months because of a last minute injury that kept him from running.

Meg Menzies, peace be with you and safe travels.

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C25k week 8 day 4

In search of my TDEE
kCal: 2228

5 thoughts on “Day 118: why I run

    • The weather is just lovely, it’s been about 70 every day (~20 C) and sunny. I like it but it’s weird, this time of year should be grey and cool and rainy. Part of my route goes through a nearby park which has a really nice running/cycling path that goes through. The actual roads nearby are the worst kind of suburban roads (great for cars, not for people), 4 or 6 lanes across and impossible to cross. I’m lucky to live so near this park!

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