Day 119: 2 achievements

Another beautiful sunny day in northern California. It does not feel like January at all. This is apparently what it’s like in SoCal all the time. Suddenly moving to San Diego sounds really appealing…

Two achievements this week that came and went without any fanfare:

  1. I passed 100 blog posts. That’s a lot of words…
  2. I passed the halfway point to Rivendell (~52% of a 458-mile journey, to be exact) on my trek to Mordor! (Still a long way to go to Mordor… I’m ~13% of the way there.) I’ve been accumulating miles faster now that I have the fitbit which counts all the steps I take during the day, not just the steps I track with runkeeper while out for a walk or run.

Today was technically rest day for me but I still got lots of steps in because the BF and I walked to get coffee and then to the movie theater to see American Hustle. (Gotta love J-Law who is so vocally body-positive.) It’s so nice to get out for a walk and enjoy the fresh air. 🙂 As for the movie — it was fine. Enjoyable, forgettable Hollywood fluff. Costumes, hair, and sets were amazing.

Tomorrow is my week 4 weigh-in for my TDEE project. In the end, four meals out this week, so I’ve no idea what will happen on the scale. Fortunately, no guilt allowed, as it’s for science!

Fitness today

In search of my TDEE
kCal: 2268


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