Day 124: ramble on

Strength training today. Feeling strong. Goblet squats 3x5x45 + 2x8x45 lbs among other lifts, and I’m up to 3×17 inclined push ups. I should really try a proper push-up sometime soon.

Yesterday was a weird day food wise. I only ate 2000 calories, which is less than my 2400 target and my lowest calorie day since new year. I just didn’t want anything more to eat yesterday evening and I figured I could make it up with a few higher calorie days. In the long run it won’t matter. But in the short term, it matters. I was completely exhausted this afternoon and evening. So glad we were having leftovers for dinner, there’s no way I could have faced cooking.

I had this urge to take my measurements and percent body fat today. It’s been a couple months since I did a full measurement day, maybe I’ll make Monday a measurement/progress pics day when I do my TDEE weigh-in. Not sure yet. Will think about it.

Fitness today
Strength training, foam rolling, stretching

In search of my TDEE
kCal: 2476

2 thoughts on “Day 124: ramble on

  1. You just reminded me, I should probably take some progress pics too. I don’t remember the last time I took new ones, but I do take measurements once a month. Can’t wait to hear how yours are progressing! Sounds like you’re doing really well with your plan of action.

    • I intentionally didn’t take them right before I started the TDEE project, and it’s been about a month since then… Definitely time!

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