Day 125: hike!


Yesterday the BF requested we take a hike today and I’m not one to turn down a walk in the woods–especially when it’s usually me pushing him to hike with me. He wanted to revisit a waterfall we hiked to a few months ago, variously called Shingle Falls, Fairy Falls, and Beale Falls. So off we went.

It’s a great little hike, about 6 miles through the foothills north of Sacramento. It was another gorgeous day–blue sky, not a cloud to be seen, 70 degrees (that’s about 20 C). The falls were pretty weak given the lack of rain and everything was really brown, dry, and crackly. Still lovely, but we really need some rain. A lot of it, and soon, as we are at risk of wildfire if this keeps up.

One strange thing was that because it is hunting season and the hike is in a huge wildlife area which allows hunting and has a rifle range, at the parking lot end of the hike we heard a lot of gunfire.

I was a little nervous about my foot because of the sporadic pain I’ve had. I felt a little tension between miles 2 and 3 but no pain and it eased up after that. Very relieved!

Anyway, have a few more pictures of this gorgeous place:




Fitness today
Hiking: 5.9 miles

In search of my TDEE
kCal: 2408

2 thoughts on “Day 125: hike!

  1. Oh that looks gorgeous! I’m so jealous. I can’t wait until we can hike again around here. We don’t have any cold weather or snow gear to go hiking in so it’s just not feasible for us until the spring. We do plan on buying some convertible pants around that time too, after we’ve lost a little more weight so they don’t get too big for us too soon (fingers crossed anyway). Then hiking when it’s cooler won’t be an issue (right now we only have hiking shorts).

    • My favorite thing to hike in is leggings. They have their drawbacks–they collect those little pokey sticker things if you brush against a pokey sticker plant, and when it’s warm out they trap more heat than hiking pants. But they really maximize ease of movement which is important when boulder scrambling…

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