Day 127: TDEE week 5 weigh-in + measurement day

Today was my week 5 weigh-in on the TDEE project (details here). Stats:

Week 5
Current weight: 245.4 lbs
Weight change this week: -0.6 lbs
Average daily kCal this week: 2402

Over 5 weeks @ 2400 kCal per day
Total weight change: -6 lbs
Average weekly weight change: -1.2 lbs
Average daily kCal: 2404

I’m consistently losing weight at 2400 kCal per day so that’s not my TDEE. The current project is about figuring out my TDEE, not specifically about losing weight. So, I’m going to try more calories. I’m going to spend the next 4 weeks at 2600 kCal per day. This is a little scary… it sounds like so much food. But I like food, so here goes.

Measurement day:

It’s been 2 months since I last took progress pics and a full set of measurements. Progress pics page is updated with today’s photo. My stats:

Current weight: 245.4 lbs
Starting weight: 263 lbs
Total loss: -17.6 lbs
Current inches: 295.5 inches (-4 inches the last 2 months; biggest change in biceps and thighs)

Feeling good. 🙂


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