Day 128

Pete Seeger died today and I am feeling a little lost. I don’t typically get too caught up in celebrity deaths but Pete Seeger was more than just an iconic figure. Like lots of American kids, we sang This Land is Your Land at every assembly during elementary school; it’s as central to my childhood as riding bikes and multiplication tables. Of course none of us understood that the song was more than a love song, it’s revolutionary. (I wonder if schools still let kids sing this song. Somehow I doubt it.)

Later, Pete Seeger was a bridge to a better understanding of culture and politics and history. His music meant something.

I will blog for real tomorrow but for now I just want to remember an amazing person.

2 thoughts on “Day 128

    • He lived a long and amazing life, we should all be so lucky. But he was a cultural treasure and we are a little poorer without him.

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