Day 129: the blahs

I have felt so blah the last few days–no motivation to exercise (even though I love how it makes me feel, so rationally I know it’s a good decision to exercise), no motivation to cook (even though I make awesome healthy food that makes it easy to meet my protein and calorie goals), etc. I’m not depressed this time, just blah. I know it happens but what I would really like to know is how to knock myself out of it.

I think it’s ok to take the week off from strength training, reset a little bit, have a break from the gym (I like strength training but I kind of hate my gym). In the long run it won’t matter. I’m trying really hard not to get to frustrated or disappointed with myself. Nobody’s perfect.

Tomorrow is c25k week 9 day 3, only 1 more run after that (by my extended schedule).


2 thoughts on “Day 129: the blahs

  1. Hey! Yeah you! Knock it off! 😛

    OK, enough of that. Sometimes you just need that down time. It might be your body quietly saying, “hey, can I have a break?”. I believe sometimes we need it, but our minds don’t always agree, or think we deserve it. Try to just enjoy that mini-break – I know you’ll be back at it soon enough. Ease up on yourself. 🙂

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