Day 131: feeling kind of proud

With the exception of my SLOW run yesterday (and my planned run tomorrow) I have taken this week off from fitness and cooking (which means my nutrition is not so great this week, protein or calorie-wise). Here’s how I know it’s been good for me:

1. I’ve really appreciated the downtime and the relaxation (and the extra kitty-cuddles!). It’s phenomenal how much healthier my feelings about food, fitness, and health are: the idea of a weight gain is not freaking me out. It’s not failure. It’s part of the journey and a bump in an overall downward trend.

2. I am looking forward to getting back to strength training.

3. I have had quite a lot of sugar this week. It has been a delicious week. But I’m really excited about the next supermarket run which will feature bananas, apples, pears, and lots of vegetables. Next week will also be delicious… and nutritious. More evidence that I’m in a better headspace: lots of sugar hasn’t inspired a mountain of anxiety and that horrible little brain-whisper of see? you can’t do this

High five, self.

In search of my TDEE:
2366 kCal


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