Day 132: graduation

Today I finished c25k. I feel… Jeez, so many things. Proud. Shocked. Skeptical. Underwhelmed. Overwhelmed. Excited. Kind of tearful.

c25k stats
Weeks to complete: 19
Total number of runs: 36
Furthest distance: 2.64 miles (today! 2/1/14)
Fastest average pace: 11:15 (1/16/14–28 minute run)
First negative split: 1/26/14
First time breaking 10:00/mile: today! 9:52 first mile

Lovely day for a run. Sunny, warm. It has been so unseasonably warm, sunny, and dry that the trees are going into bloom already:


It’s 21 days till my first 5k. My goal: run 3 times per week until then–30 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 5k on Saturdays. I’m not worrying about pace or anything, I just want to finish the race comfortably without walking.

Fitness today
Finished c25k

In search of my TDEE
1986 kCal


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