Day 146: “The Biggest Loser” does some more damage

The BF and I don’t have TV (we have a TV set, which we use for DVDs and netflix, but no actual television reception) and I like it that way. It used to be because I hated all the commercials but now that I’ve gone 5 years without it, these days I also hate the programming; this is ever more apparent to me whenever we visit various people whose TVs are always on in the background, or when I visit my parents and flip through the guide. 500 channels and nothing on. How is that even possible?

Anyway, because we don’t have TV, I am to some extent excluded/immune from various pop culture events. (If it’s not on netflix or available from the library I haven’t seen it.) Example: The Biggest Loser. I’ve heard of it, and I’ve read some of the articles critical of their methods, but I’ve never seen it. Then today a couple blogs I really like had posts (So Much Fattitude and Fit and Feminist) about the final episode of this season of The Biggest Loser, which apparently happened last night.

The “winner” lost 155 pounds over the course of a few months. The photo of Jillian Michaels looking horrified is rather telling. But how can she be surprised at this result? She has played a huge part in making The Biggest Loser what it is, a show that shames people for their bodies and glorifies overexercise and extreme weight loss.

I am so angry and disgusted that they do this to people, and that viewers allow them to do this to people, and that viewers want them to do this to people. If viewers didn’t want them to do this to people, no one would watch, and the TV execs would create something different to watch.

There are so many worse things than being fat. One of them is losing 155 pounds in only a few months.

In other unrelated (and awesome) news, today was the first day I noticed my jeans fitting differently. Looser in the bum and thighs.

Fitness today
None. It was supposed to be a strength day. Instead I spent all day on the phone in the house-hunting project and on an HR call for the new job, and ferrying the BF to and from an appointment in Sac. Blergh.

In search of my TDEE
2571 kCal


2 thoughts on “Day 146: “The Biggest Loser” does some more damage

  1. I saw that post from So Much Fattitude and someone else as well with pics of the girl. I wanted to invite her over and feed her a big meal – she didn’t look good at all. I’m totally with you on that show – I DO have TV and I still won’t watch it. Never have.

    And congrats on your NSV with the jeans!! That’s the most amazing feeling.

    • I just feel so bad for her. Women can’t win, there is nothing they can do to keep their bodies from being scrutinized and criticized. First she was “too fat”, so she did exactly what everybody wanted her to do which was lose weight, and now she’s “too thin” and “anorexic” and “sickly”. I don’t think she did anything wrong– but I think the show did, and viewers are complicit.

      I do think it will be very hard for her to sustain the weight she’s at now without undereating and overtraining, and I hope she is gentle with herself when she gains the weight back.

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