Day 150: five km!

This blog and my move toward better health and fat loss are 150 days old. I am pretty amazed at myself. That’s a long time and a good indication I can sustain this for the long haul. High five, self!

Today I ran 5k for the first time! It took a little over 36 minutes. It wasn’t my fastest pace but it wasn’t my slowest either and I was pretty consistent throughout which is great! It was cool and drizzly, which is my new favorite running weather–not wet enough to get you soaked and freezing, but wet enough to feel refreshing, like rubbing a cool washcloth over your face when you’re hot and sweaty.

That’s the scoop for today. Tomorrow I weigh in for my TDEE project. Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

Fitness today
Running, 36 mins

In search of my TDEE
2440 kCal

6 thoughts on “Day 150: five km!

    • Really? Cool! (Though I don’t really care how fast I go–main goals: run without walk breaks, don’t faint, don’t throw up.)

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