Day 152: running, rain, and recess

Thank you, 1-leg RDLs, for reminding me that I have hamstrings. Holy mother of Elvis, my hammies are sore after yesterday’s lifting, which is what I deserve, really, for taking 2 weeks off from lifting.

I was so sore this morning that I tried to talk myself out of running, but it didn’t work. I have to be ready for my 5k on the 22nd and that means 3 runs per week. So off I went. Very, very slowly. It wasn’t my slowest 30-minute run but it came pretty close. I knew straight off that this run would be a challenge; my thighs objected immediately. As I went along, they loosened up enough to at least be able to finish 30 minutes.

(This evening, my thighs are still sore… Maybe even more than this morning. That would be DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) from yesterday’s lifting and it’s my own damn fault. Lifting tomorrow will not be pretty.)

Kids were out at recess while I ran past the school today. It’s pretty entertaining to watch little kids play. At the tetherball courts, one court was occupied by a girl hugging the pole while sitting on the tetherball, because why play tetherball when you can hug a pole? Very curious. I’m always looking for a kid sitting against a wall reading a book… which is what I did at recess half the time.

The rain over the weekend hasn’t solved the drought problem but it has made my neighborhood smell wonderful (great for running), and Folsom Lake (which supplies my town’s drinking water) had risen 18 feet as of last night and is still rising. One quarter of the water currently in the lake wasn’t there Friday morning. That’s a lot of water. My route crosses a small creek which has been nearly dry the entire time I’ve lived here but it was raging today. My route also passes a native oak regrowth zone which has been very brown, but some green grasses have popped through now. Pretty amazing what a little rain can do.

Fitness today
Running – 30 minutes; stretching

In search of my TDEE
2605 kcal


4 thoughts on “Day 152: running, rain, and recess

  1. Ohhh the hammies! That’s the worst when you try to run the day after. I have a suspicion I will have the same trouble tomorrow on my run after doing Good Mornings today. Always kills my hamstrings.

    Nice job not talking yourself out of it. That, really, is the toughest part.

    • Lol that was me exactly.

      So this will sound weird, but… Did you know Big Toy as a name for playground equipment is a regional thing? I was so shocked when I moved away from Washington and discovered that nobody knew what a Big Toy was.

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