Day 154: rolling with the punches

So there I was, ready to cross the street at the apartment complex about ready to start my run, when my phone rang. If I’d already started running I wouldn’t have answered, but I hadn’t started running yet, so I glanced at the number. And I’m so glad I did. It was the letting agent I’ve been trying to speak to for the last 2 1/2 weeks about renting a house in Clearlake. She wanted to know if I could be there in 3 hours as there had been a cancellation and she could squeeze me in for a showing.

So… I turned right around, went home, changed my clothes, and drove to Clearlake. I then spent all day being shuttled around to houses all over lake county. I got home about 8pm. It has been a very long and exhausting day. It’s barely 9pm and it is my bedtime.

So, no exercise today. Having a place to live is pretty high on the list of priorities. Sad though, I was looking forward to today’s run.

Also, Clear Lake (for which Clearlake is named, obvs) is gorgeous. Wow. Photos after we move. 🙂

fitness today
Does walking around a bunch of different houses count?

In search of my TDEE
2513 kcal


4 thoughts on “Day 154: rolling with the punches

  1. Sounds like a beautiful place! Good luck – Do you think you’ll definitely get a place in that area? Yes, walking around a bunch of houses counts for something! Kind of like my field trip on Wednesday. I didn’t work out officially but might as well have.

    • It’s so gorgeous up there. I love mountains, my stomach gets all fluttery when I’m driving up there (like I have a crush on it, I know that’s silly). The town itself is very small, extremely remote, and very depressed, hardly a destination unless you’re into boating, fishing, and hiking. The other “big” town in Lake County, Lakeport, is slightly more prosperous and “safer” but you can’t beat a 5-minute commute, so we’re sticking with Clearlake. The upside of living in economically depressed towns (I can’t believe I just wrote that) is, it doesn’t take much money to get you an amazing house. We aren’t planning to be there for the long term, probably only a couple years, but it’s where I found a job I really wanted so that’s where we’re going for the time being.

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