Another quick update

We found a house to rent and will sign the lease on Friday. This week I have to pack our apartment up, by myself because the BF is out of town for 2 weeks for training for his new job. I won’t be blogging this week… Too much going on right now.

In other news, my 31st birthday was Saturday (22/2 and 2/22, works both ways!) and I ran in my first 5k! It was almost 70 degrees, sunny, and clear. It was nice to run a different route than usual but it also felt longer because it was unfamiliar terrain. I had a few “pace buddies” (as I thought of them) from the start, people running about the same pace as me. I ran straight through without walking, which was my goal. It was a super slow run for me, 40:09. Afterwards I ate a bunch of orange slices and lay on the AstroTurf for a awhile soaking up the sunshine. Overall a very good experience and I’m looking forward to my next 5k in 5 weeks’ time!