yet another update

The short story: my blog is officially on hiatus until… probably sometime in mid-to-late March.

The longer story: we don’t get to move to Clearlake. So much for our amazing lake-front house with its own dock. (Seriously. We were supposed to sign a lease for such a house tomorrow morning.) Giant kerfuffle at the rehab company I’m employed with. Boring details, the end result of which is that I won’t be working at the nursing home in Clearlake, where I would only be getting 15-20 hours per week (yikes). Instead I’ll be working half time at a facility in Sacramento and half time at a facility in Williams… 60 miles north of Sacramento. (I wish I was joking. We’ll live partway between, but the commuting might kill me.) So we have to start house hunting again — sorry, I have to start house hunting again, because the BF is otherwise occupied — which means chasing down letting agents and filling out applications and singlehandedly exhausting the post office’s stock of money orders for rental applications. All on a rapidly approaching deadline because our current lease is set to expire in 3 weeks. Because we thought we’d have a house to move into by then. All while I’m still (single-handedly) packing up our house. We don’t even have kids but already I understand why so many families have a stay-at-home parent. There’s too much to do if you’re both working full time.

The last few weeks my fitness efforts have been lackluster and sporadic, and my food intake hasn’t been ideal. But I’m choosing not to guilt myself over it because everything is crazy right now and is going to continue to be crazy for the next few weeks. Thus the blog hiatus — I have nothing in particular to report health or fitness related, plus I need to focus on moving house.

Later gators!


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